61# Urban legends | second-hand story's


61# Urban legends | second-hand story's,

We take a look at some local and not so local urban legends this week, we chat about what makes an Urban legend, Legend and how and why do the same story's find there a way to every small town in the world?

From the stranger on the back seat, the vanishing hitchhiker and the boggart of bogethole cough. What's your local urban legend?. Send us your story's too


Boggart, sourer of milk and abductor of children

The 190 acres of Blackley’s woodland park is supposedly haunted by a troublemaking, bearded fella known as the Boggart.

Causing all manner of trouble is the name of the game for this mischievous Manc, from hiding your car keys to turning your milk sour.

Though, the malevolent spirit is also said to have a penchant for abducting children, with Blackley’s Boggart supposedly responsible for the disappearance of a farming family.

Demon Dogs

No, not a poor man’s ripoff of a Gorillaz album, this urban legend actually involves a demonic canine that stalks the streets of Manchester.

The charmingly-titled Black Shuck is a name that has struck fear into the hearts of Brits across the nation for hundreds of years. The myth of a demonic dog that curses folk and brings bad luck to any who have the misfortune of bumping into it has become the stuff of national folklore.

The old mutt has been sighted in Manchester too, running about with no head, turning over bins and showering the citizenry with unluckiness.

That would explain the rain then.

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