75# Black projects | Human experimentation - Show notes

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

75# Black projects | Human experimentation

In this week's episode, we look at some of the most disturbing government black projects and Human experimentation that has been happening around the world for decades and for a variety of reasons. From twin experiments, electroshock therapy, experimentation with Hallucinogenics and even genital mutilation. Is science taking things to fair or is Human experimentation a vital aspect of research and development of new drugs, vaccines, and a healthy future? We ask all the ethical questions and try to look at both sides of this mind-blowing topic.

What's fucked up where you're from?

This week we travel to the OC Orange county for a personal account from one of our listeners Valarie Bubbles about the black canyon school bus crash and we take a look at some of the other local fucked up happenings around the Califonia area. (want to get involved email us your story neverstraightanswe@gmail.com)


We take a look at this week's news headlines, we've found direct from the strange world of the internet from what's happening from politics, health, and the Bizzar. We ask is Elon Musk immortal or a time traveler? Explosions in space, and an update on the coronavirus and its impact.

Plus all the latest from NASA and SpaceX and the upcoming missions, UFO sightings, and Alien encounters.






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