78# The Psychology of conspiracy theories | We Interview Annabel Bligh - Show Notes

78# The Psychology of conspiracy theories | We interview Annabel Bligh from the Anthill podcast about the new series the expert's guide to conspiracy, Annabel joins us for a conversation around conspiracy’s and the Anthills latest series the expert's guide to conspiracy’s.

We discuss how conspiracies have been used to sway political feelings as well as using them as propaganda. We look at some of the most farfetched theories and how internet resources like youtube and reditt have contributed to the rise in conspiracy theories popularity in recent years.

You can check out the expert's guide to conspiracies theories here:

What's fucked up where you're from?


This week we travel to Stoke on Trent for this week’s what’s fucked up where you’re from, This area certainly has it all from hauntings, vampires and Alton towers is only 5miniutes away.


  • CORVID -19 Update this week we take a look at all the positive things to come from the outbreak, how communities are working together, projects that have sprung up from the crisis and we give a huge shout out to the women and men on the front line.

  • A PAIR of elephants have been pictured apparently collapsed in a tea garden after raiding a Chinese village and drinking 30 litres of corn wine. They were part of a herd of 14 Asian elephants that were said to have broken into a village in south-western Yunnan province.


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