Lookie, Lookie its Elon’s cyber Truckie

Say Hello to Elon Musk’s new Cyber truck, The ugly box that looks like a cross between the DeLorean, something from a blade runner style monster truck rally, or the Simpson’s (truckasaurus) its crazy concept I’m not sure will take off?

The skin of the truck is as Elon puts it, “very hard” is made from stainless steel that’s more durable than normal steel, and based on a mono and biplane designs, Elon demonstrates just how hard by hitting the beast with a sledgehammer on stage. First hitting a display car door car and then goes on to direct his assistant to hit the actual door on the truck even asking the hired mussel to wind up his swing, It does ding the door a bit to be fair.

Next Elon explains how bulletproof the truck is! Shoot the car with a 9mm and Elon musk says that the truck is bulletproof to 9mm bullets and the windows? Well, they are hard too. Able to protect you from pretty much anything!

This off-road Tank! With a 16icnh clearance that’s adjustable means, you can take this horrible box anywhere, even space as Elon Musk says some of the Technology used will be implemented to new space x projects

With a starting at $34,900, that’s twice the price of a regular pickup but Elon claims the saving you could make due to the fuel savings alone would make getting your hands on a Cyber truck worth it in the long run plus the environmental issues.

The Cyber truck looks to be meant for the consumer market, but why would the everyday consumer need their own electric efficient tank? Sure it’s futuristic and sci-fi and it can even come with a cool sci-fi style ATV you can load on the back, but I can’t help getting the feeling of a bad vision of the future from an 80’s sci-fi movie.

SO Would you buy one?

Blog By Gazduncan 2019

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