Oak Island - Update 2021

With a new year underway on Oak island, And the amazing strides made in 2020 even emits to chaos of the pandemic the Oak island team rose to the challenge finding more evidence of pre searcher man-made working and proof the island holds secrets that have been hidden longer than we could ever imagen.

I've been following this mystery for sometime now so thought id write an update regarding the progress, discovery's and plans for the coming season.

The season starts with a two hour episode recapping the previous years discovery's and theory's and intentions going forward but the question still remains the same! What is at the bottom of the money pit.? The original shaft location has always been a head scratcher since searchers & treasure hunters over the decades have ravaged the area but since its discovery. The "Money pit " has claimed more than its fair share of victims sparking the idea of . "An Oak island curse" is said to have originated more than a century ago and states that seven men will die in the search for the treasure before it is found.

But also this year will prove challenging for the lagina brothers and the Oak island team for a number of reasons not even relating to the mystery. When Resident expert archaeologist Laird Niven, was first called in season 4 to examine the mysterious 'hatch' that was found. He is one of the Nova Scotia's leading archaeologists. Laird became a solid member of the team and along with his team broke new ground in the swamp uncovering many things including evidence of a ship possibility sunken in the boggy ground and a man made stone road littered with relic's. But it was one of the relics he uncovered that would halt archaeology of any kind on the island.

The Miꞌkmaq (also Mi'gmaq, Lnu, Miꞌkmaw or Miꞌgmaw; English: /ˈmɪɡmɑː/; Miꞌkmaq: [miːɡmaɣ])[3][4][5] are a First Nations people of the Northeastern Woodlands, indigenous to the areas now known as Canada's Atlantic Provinces and the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec as well as the northeastern region of Maine. They call their national territory Miꞌkmaꞌki (or Miꞌgmaꞌgi). The nation has a population of about 170,000 (including 18,044 members in the recently formed Qalipu First Nation in Newfoundland[6][7]), of whom nearly 11,000 speak Miꞌkmaq, an Eastern Algonquian language.[8][9] Once written in Miꞌkmaw hieroglyphic writing, it is now written using most letters of the Latin alphabet.

When Laird uncovered a pot he immediately identified as a Mi'kmaq relic, the official cultural authority's had to be informed and as a result … for the most part the island was now under protection as a cultural site. Meaning that the Marty and Rick Lagina needed to revise plans for the coming year. And unfortunately the cancelation of all archaeology projects for the foreseeable future. Laird will remain on the team for the moment but his team will be leaving the island. Understandably Rick and Marty are treasure hunting and don't really want to delay efforts when it comes to discovering the islands secrets and any discovery's made before the original treasure deposit wouldn't be relevant to them.. But not to say that once the treasure was found some form of investigation could take place specifically relating to the Mi'kmaq.

Personally i liked that a team of real archaeologists were on site to over see things and make sure artefacts were being identified, handled, preserved correctly, and not destroyed in an effort to find something we cant be sure is there at all?

So currently a large area of Oak Island is off limits when it comes to treasure hunting, but not the original money pit its self and work continues to pinpoint the original lost location, and over the past few months the drill team have made progress in following shafts at a depth of 90ft that could be the original shaft and for good reason. At the end of last season the water table in one of the previously drilled shafts C1 was tested to see if any precious metals were found and the results were astonishing. the water not only had high concentrates of copper and silver but also high levels of GOLD!! a dump truck load of gold remains to be seen but could this be the oak island treasure leaching in to the water?

Its this data that currently fuels the search and a series of new drill holes are currently underway. During one of these borehole tests at a depth of 90ft a curious lump of metal is extracted from the sample that once tested would contain again high levels of AU or Gold as well as copper and silver. It all sounds extremity promising and reassuring to a team of people who have invested a lot of time and money in to the project that might never deliver on a great treasure. But its looking in the eyes of the Lagina brothers not to be a matter of "IF" but a matter of when.

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