Strawman Explained - Legal Fiction Documentary - Common Law and Sovereignty

Strawman Explained - Legal Fiction Documentary: Common Law & Sovereignty If you see your name with a title (Mr. or Mrs.) or they use our name in upper case letters. This is back to admiralty law. The 'legal fiction' is an abstract theory to explain a concept. And so is the term 'strawman'. Strawman theory is a theory prevalent in various movements such as sovereign citizens, tax protestors, freemen on the land, the redemption movement and various others. The theory holds that an individual has two personas, one of him or herself as a real flesh and blood human being and the other, a separate legal personality or person (usually written in CAPITALS) who is the "strawman". The idea is that an individual’s debts, liabilities, taxes and legal responsibilities belong to the strawman rather than the physical individual themselves.

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