The Bunnyman Legend

This story was sent in by a listener for Our what's fucked up where you're from segment

The story goes 1904, there was an asylum not far from this bridge. Clifton residents didn’t like the idea of mental patients near their new homes, so they got it shut down, and all the patients were taken by bus to Lorton prison.

“Then the bus swerved and crashed, They were able to locate all the inmates that were on that bus, except for one.

The escaped mental patient was named Douglas Griffon. After the crash, he disappeared. Weeks passed, and rabbit corpses began appearing in the woods. Douglas was apparently eating bunnies to stay alive. This went on for a while.

Then one Halloween night, a group of kids were hanging around the bridge. “They reported seeing some sort of bright light or orb “and then in a flash, they’d all been strung up like [the] bunnies — gutted and hanging from this bridge.

The missing mental patient was, of course, assumed to be the killer.

“And the rumour goes, if you come here on Halloween night at midnight, you’ll end up just like those kids and those bunnies

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