The Man From Taured

In 1954, an unusual man tried to go through customs at Tokyo's Haneda Airport. He claimed that he was from Taured, a country between France and Spain that simply does not exist. He had a passport from the country with stamps which corresponded to all of his business trips as well as a wallet full of corresponding currencies and documentation. After officials showed him a map that depicted Andorra to be the country between France and Spain, he became angry and claimed that Taured had existed for thousands of years.

The man was put up in a hotel overnight and his documents locked away while the authorities attempted to sort everything out. They found out that the company he said he was meeting with had never heard of him and the bank listed in his checkbook did not exist. Things got even weirder when the man disappeared from a guarded hotel room without a trace overnight. All of his documentation, which had been held overnight by airport security, also vanished.

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