The UK's Top10 UFO Hotspots

The UK isn't short of supposedly eerie locations, with numerous sightings of extraterrestrial life reported across the country over the years. A new report from has revealed the areas where you are most likely to experience an alien encounter, based on data from the National UFO Reporting Centre. Data were analyzed from 1998 to 2019 to determine the most haunted areas of the UK, based on the number of UFO counters.

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Top10 UK UFO Hotspots

1. London

Number of UFO sightings: 74

2. Manchester

Number of UFO sightings: 28

3. Birmingham

Number of UFO sightings: 27

4. Bristol

Number of UFO sightings: 12

5. Cardiff

Number of UFO sightings: 12

6. Glasgow

Number of UFO sightings: 12

7. Liverpool

Number of UFO sightings: 11

8. Boston, Lancashire

Number of UFO sightings: 10

9. Chawton, Hampshire

Number of UFO sightings: 10

10. Hull

Number of UFO sightings: 9

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