What's fucked up where you're from | Brazoria County, Texas

This weeks Wfuwyf comes from - Brandy Elora and Lilly from the round here podcast …

What's fucked up where you're from | Brazoria County, Texas ?

Stratton Ridge Rd Cemetery:

If you haven't heard of this place or been there...That's probably a good thing. The old old cemetery sits right beside a creek bank. Fog blankets the place at night. If you go out there you can hear footsteps following you around as you explore. The old cemetery sits across the hwy from the satanic church. Rumor has it many spells and satanic rituals have been held in this cemetery. Early in the morning its been told you can hear the souls of the little children that were sacrificed in satanic rituals singing and dancing and at times even crying....

Watch Out for the Drenched Hitchhiker at White Rock Lake

If you ever have to stop around White Rock Lake in north-east Dallas, Lady Luck may not be on your side. You just gave the Lady of the White Rock Lake the chance to step into your vehicle and, possibly, do worse. Legend has it that the lady of the lake was a 20-year-old girl who committed suicide in the 1930s. No one knows what drove her to drown herself in the lake. However, till this day, people report encountering a young woman wearing a wet white dress. If someone fitting this description asks you to help her get home, don’t refuse her.

She’ll vanish once she gets into the car, leaving a wet puddle in the back seat.

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